Caught in the Act! – Sara Oschlag


Sara Oschlag is the singer (or one of, I saw someone else singing on Saturday afternoon) with the Jazz band from East Street. You can hear them here:

Sunday Morning


Brighton on a Sunday morning is a surreal place. Before 10am hardly seems to exist for most people, as if Saturday night was just too much. Which, for many, it probably was. Those few people you do see out braving the daylight tend to be chilling over coffee, shades (mirror optional) worn as a barrier against the rest of the world.

Busker with Ukelele


I came across this guy singing and playing wild electric ukelele, with an array of effect pedals, near Churchill Square a couple of weeks ago. From a distance he sounded like a demented chipmunk on acid, but he was really, really entertaining. He was giving away free CD’s too, and I’m still kicking myself because I didn’t pick one up.

I presume he writes his own stuff because I swear the last lyrics I heard as I walked away were “I love cheese on toast when I’m naked!”