Labour Party Conference #2 – I am a terrorist.


This is the shot that got me in trouble. Apparently people who point large DSLR’s at policemen are a threat to national security – whereas the dozens of people using their cameraphones get ignored. I could, apparently, be making notes of where policemen are stationed. This one, for example, was hiding in the middle of the road and would have remained undetected had I not rumbled him.

I don’t mind the guys doing their job. I don’t even mind them being a bit oversensitive. I do object to the crass stupidity that seems to be prevalent in the police force, the stupidity that suggests that terrorists will take photographs with big, highly visible cameras and not blend in with the crowd of people using compacts and cameraphones, who seemed able to take pictures unmolested.

Jeremy Vine in Brighton

VINECelebrities are ten a penny in Brighton; anyone who’s anyone (or used to be) lives here, has lived here or has a second home here. They’re largely ignored, and left to get on with it.

I made an exception for Jeremy Vine, because (a) he was working, filming a segment about swine flu, and (b) I find him incredibly annoying.

Eating Out, Havana Style


Not Brighton for a change, but Havana, Cuba. I actually posted this and other Cuban pictures while I was in Havana, but (a) internet access is ridiculously expensive, somewhat limited and almost as┬áslow as dial-up, and (b) blog posts refused to ‘stick’. Maybe it was me, maybe big brother was watching me. Certainly Cubans get less access to the internet than tourists, and have all their emails strictly monitored.