#Brighton Pier (Rocks?)

A young couple, on Brighton Pier. With the imminent release of a remake of the film Brighton Rock, one could be tempted to imagine that it’s actually Pinkie contemplating throwing Rose into the sea.

On the Beach, Worthing

As I’ve said before, Worthing is a soulless hole. I spent my formative years there, and back then it had a vibrant counter-culture, we were all out to kick against the system. Nowadays, there seems little evidence of that. Kids seem to segue from indifferent chavviness to premature middle age pretty seamlessly. Such a far cry from Brighton, just 10 miles along the coast.

Eating Out, Havana Style


Not Brighton for a change, but Havana, Cuba. I actually posted this and other Cuban pictures while I was in Havana, but (a) internet access is ridiculously expensive, somewhat limited and almost as slow as dial-up, and (b) blog posts refused to ‘stick’. Maybe it was me, maybe big brother was watching me. Certainly Cubans get less access to the internet than tourists, and have all their emails strictly monitored.